What's it like working for Men at Work?

When everyone works hard and works together, we get to share and celebrate some pretty great wins.

That’s what it’s like working for Men at Work.

Yes, expectations to do a good job are high, but we know our team is the best at what they do and we trust them to get on and do it well.

As a team we agree on company values, and the boss even listens when you have something to say! We’re really proud of the safe, caring, enjoyable workplace we all contribute to.

Outside of work we socialise on a regular basis. As a work group there’s never long in between BBQs, dinners out and staff parties. And there’s even an active social club who venture further afield on other exciting pursuits.

For those with the right positive attitude and a keenness for excellence, there are opportunities to grow and succeed at Men at Work.

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