Consultancy, TTM Planners and TMP Design

Men at Work has qualified consultants and TTM Planners to help you take care of your Temporary Traffic Management Planning and submit your TMP to the Roading Authority for approval.

Traffic management plans are required:

If you have a workplace with a high volume of traffic a traffic management plan can help you communicate how you are managing traffic risks in your workplace.

A traffic management plan may include details of:

The desired flow of pedestrian and vehicle movements.
The expected frequency of interaction of vehicles and pedestrians.
Illustrations of the layout of barriers, walkways, signs and general arrangements to warn and guide traffic around, past, or through a work site or temporary hazard.
How short term, mobile work and complex traffic situations will be managed.

A traffic management plan could also set out:

Responsibilities of people managing traffic in the workplace.
Responsibilities of people expected to interact with traffic in the workplace, and instructions or procedures for controlling traffic including in an emergency.

Traffic Management Plans (TMP's) may be simple and take an hour to prepare or they may take weeks to prepare in consultation with experienced Temporary Traffic Management Technicians.

By December 2020 all TMP's submitted for approval must be prepared by a CoPTTM warranted TTM Planner. Currently Men at Work has 7 qualified TTM Planner's working in Auckland, Canterbury and Marlborough regions.  



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