The job included the lead up to event, the management of the fan zone and fan trail, two warm-up matches, three Cricket World Cup games and the grand launch event itself – altogether making up the biggest event ever undertaken by Men at Work.

Before this our core business had been Traffic Plans for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority and SCIRT, for infrastructure diversions, vehicle crossings, underground drilling, overhead line work, and civil construction. The Cricket World Cup was a change of style and scale of work for us and required a whole new direction.

Excellent communication was required as we created the original traffic management plan in liaison multiple agencies such as Christchurch City Council, the Police, the ICC, Government agencies, VIPs, the Canterbury Traffic Operating Centre, and V-Base, to name just a few. 


The logistics were incredible. It was a 24/7 project in the days leading up to the event, with teams deployed in the outlay of cones and signage to ensure: 

  • safety was paramount
  • instructions were clear for both drivers and foot traffic
  • car parks operated efficiently
  • traffic flow systems were as fluid as possible 

For the launch event, 12 tonnes of sandbags were brought to the city and unloaded by hand to anchor signs around the sites, then picked up and taken away after the event.

16 staff and 15 marshals were at the opening event.

And our people worked through the night afterwards to remove the cones and signage when it was all over.


Our traffic management plan formed the overview of how it was all going to work. Constant meetings, revisions and tweaks – particularly over the last few weeks – resulted in the biggest implementation of traffic management that the city has ever seen. 

The Cricket World Cup experiences have moulded our team into a really tight unit who know how to communicate and work together well. Everyone performed in a new setting, learnt a huge amount, spent long hours on the job, refused to contemplate failure, and recognised that our reputation was on the line. 

We proved to ourselves, and the world that we could do it.

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